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UCR SOM Compliance: Learning to Make the Right Choices

The compliance program of the UCR School of Medicine and UCR Health is all about making the right choices and demonstrating to both internal and external stakeholders the organization's continued commitment to making proper and ethical decisions.

This site will provide you with information regarding the compliance program, the code of conduct and answers to common questions and guidance documents; including information on industry relations, privacy & security and research.

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Paul H. Hackman, J.D., LL.M.

Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

E-mail: paul.hackman@medsch.ucr.edu
Tel: (951) 827-3257
Fax: (951) 263-7271

Mailing Address: 900 University Ave., Attention: Compliance and Privacy Office, Riverside, CA 92521

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What is the Purpose of the Compliance Program?

The compliance program has been developed in the context of our core teaching, research, patient care, and public service missions. The specific purposes of the program are to:

  • Maintain and enhance quality of care
  • Demonstrate sincere, ongoing efforts to comply with all applicable laws
  • Revise and clarify current policies and procedures in order to enhance compliance
  • Enhance communications with governmental entities with respect to compliance activities
  • Empower all responsible parties to prevent, detect, and resolve conduct that does not conform with applicable laws, regulations and the program; and
  • Establish mechanisms for employees to raise concerns about compliance issues and ensure that those concerns are appropriately addressed.