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Compliance Staff


Contacting the Compliance Staff

The UCR School of Medicine’s Compliance Advisory Services Department is available to respond to any question that you might have. You may contact us at the phone numbers and email address that appear below. If you are unsure who to contact, please send a message to our general email and we will forward it to the appropriate person.

If we don't have the answer, we'll try to find someone who does. If you are unsure of who to talk to, please visit the Questions and Concerns tab on our Code of Conduct page for a list of steps you may take.

  • Our physical offices are located in the Intellicenter at 14350 Meridian Parkway in Riverside.
  • Our mailing address is 900 University Ave., Attention: UCR Health Compliance and Privacy Office, Riverside, CA 92521

For information about reporting a violation via the UCR Health Compliance hotline, please visit the whistleblowing section of our Code of Conduct page.

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