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Compliance Newsletter - October 2021

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Compliance Newsletter - April 2021

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Compliance Newsletter - November 2020

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Compliance Newsletter - June 2020

Highlights include new hires and policies.

Health Care Disparities

Disparities in health care can only be addressed when the underlying causes are fully understood and recognized. Thankfully, studies are underway to identify the role that implicit bias plays in health care delivery and medical school education. This article from the American Psychological Association highlights some of the research activities that are taking place in...

HIPAA Guide for Managers

As we consider what we should be doing to comply with HIPAA and protecting our patients' protected health information (PHI), here's a quick guide to help you remember some of the most compelling things that should be going on at UC Riverside Health. Notice of Privacy Practices is displayed in clinics and posted on the...

Privacy Case Examples

Disclosure of individually identifiable information can occur deliberately or accidentally and can occur within an organization or be the result of an external breach of security. Examples include: A Michigan-based health system accidentally posted the medical records of thousands of patients on the Internet ( Ann Arbor News, February 10, 1999) A Utah-based pharmaceutical benefits...

Sample Situations: Knowing the Law

Here are some HIPAA-related questions and answers. Though your situation may not be identical to these, they may give you an idea of what to expect. If you have any questions, please contact Director of Clinical Compliance and Privacy Paul Hackman by email at or by phone at (951) 827-3257 Q: I think a...