SOM Policies and Approval Processes

The UCR School of Medicine Compliance website is the sole repository of all policies approved by the Medical Education Committee and reviewed by Compliance Advisory Services. This includes all policies for UME, OME, and OSA.

  • This repository is organized and updated by Compliance Advisory Services.
  • If you wish to share a policy on a website or learning management system (e.g. iLearn or Canvas), please copy the link from the page. Do not copy or reupload the policy on your website
  • When a policy is revised, the Compliance Advisory Services sends the new approved policy to the digital communications manager who updates the file on the web page without changing the hyperlink. This method allows the newest version of the policy to update everywhere that the hyperlink is used - and reduces errors (e.g., posting multiple versions of the policy, posting outdated versions of the policy, etc.).
  • Compliance Advisory Services will notify the appropriate individuals when newly signed policies are posted or updated.

We encourage you to bookmark this site on your browser.

To access the hyperlink to a policy – hover your mouse over the policy you are interested and “right click”. Then choose “Copy Link” which you can then copy and paste on your own SOM website or in iLearn or Canvas.

Policy Creation, Vetting, and Approval Flow Chart

Policy 950-06-10 - Policy on Creation, Revision, Vetting and Approval of Undergraduate Medical Education Policies details the full process. The flow chart below is based on the policy and should be used for reference only.

Proposed policies are presented to the Co-Chairs and Secretary of the MEC by subcommitties. They are vetted by the MEC, SOM Compliance, and the Faculty Executive Committee. When approved by all necessary parties, they will be posted to the Compliance website.