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About Vendor Relations

All employees and students of the University of California are subject to the conflict of interest provisions of the California Political Reform Act and the University of California policies related to purchasing and procurement (Business and Finance Bulletin G-39). The UC Health Care Vendor Relations policy supplements these policies by providing system-wide standards aimed at reducing the potential for industry influence on health care providers’ decisions.

Recent research shows that certain health care vendor activities allowed under the California Political Reform Act, such as the provision of gifts of nominal value, may affect provider behavior and create the appearance of favoritism. Additionally, while offers of free or discounted goods, gifts, benefits, donations, honoraria, travel expenses, or grants for teaching or research programs frequently serve an important and socially beneficial function, they may, in some circumstances, violate the federal Anti-Kickback Statute and similar California state law. For these reasons, UC has developed a policy to protect its employees from the appearance of conflict of interests or favoritism.

Highlights of the UC Health Care Vendor Relations Policy

  • Prohibits the provision of gifts from vendors to individuals.
    • “Gifts” include: free lunches, free drug samples, free promotional products.
    • Vendors may give unrestricted donations to the “Regents of the UC” to support the university’s research, education, patient care, and service missions. There is also an exemption for drug sample donations for use in University-sanctioned free clinics.
  • Prohibits uninvited sales calls by vendors.
  • Prohibits the on-site use of any branded promotional items, including pens, notepads, and bags.
  • Requires that vendor-supported preceptorships be conducted as university courses or as continuing education courses, in accordance with ACCME Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical Education From Industry.
  • Requires training on the policy with all affected individuals.

This policy applies to those members of the UC community who work, train, or are students at health care locations or in health professional schools (e.g., medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary medicine). This includes UC faculty, staff, students, residents, volunteers, contractors, agents, and others associated with the university.

Excepted where noted, this policy applies both to on- and off-campus activities.

Information regarding local implementation and training have been issued by the UCR School of Medicine Compliance Office. For questions, please call (951) 827-3257.

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